Financial Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors

Of College Students

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Table of Contents

Our personal financial situations

What causes excessive behaviors?

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Need for research

Previous studies

Objectives.. to understand..

Samples and Data collection

Limitations of the study

Average student - random sample (N=665)

Average student...random sample

Two Aspects of Money Behavior

Two Aspects of Money Behavior

Money personalities

According to students themselves..

Spending behavior of college students

Compulsive buying behavior

Gambling behavior

Sources of influence on consumer behavior

Your financial behavior

Who influence their money beliefs & behaviors

The Influence of Family on Money behavior

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Borrowing behavior of college students

Feelings about finances..

Students’ beliefs about their debts...

Factors related to total debt

Graduating seniors - exit interviews (N= 442)

What are students saying...

Types and amounts of student loans

Student Loans by college

Reasons to borrow....

Ability to attend college among those with..

Feelings about student loans

Concerns about repayment

Students need information/education

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Students debt ...according to students..

Customers’ ability to function

Who is responsible to educate consumers..young and adult

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Author: Tahira K. Hira


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